Spring fever…

It’s that time of the year in the Southern hemisphere – the sun rises earlier and brighter, it’s getting warmer and greener. And I’ve got spring fever!

I’m trying to clear out the clutter in my home…bit by bit – returning books i’ve borrowed, sorting through the mountain of years of paperwork, getting rid of all the junk i’ve collected and received over the years. Things that you only keep because someone dear gave it to you, altho you really hate it. Shoes i haven’t worn in years, earrings that hurt my ears, stuff, cupboards stuffed with too much of too much.

This morning, when finding a photo I haven’t seen in years, I realised why clearing out the clutter is so hard…the stuff we keep are often reminders of moments and experiences we had in the past and sometimes the past is easier to forget when its left in the back of the cupboard. Old photos, a keyring to a home long ago left empty, a trinket bought on that romantic trip — sometimes hard to clear out the junk.

And yet… after the catharsis of feeling all those old emotions – the wry smile, a tear rolling down your cheek, that dull ache of missing someone who is no longer there and never coming back…there is some sort of euphoria that comes from taking out that black bag and throwing it in the trash, closing the lid and walking back to that clean slate – the empty cupboard, clean drawer…all cried out, dusted off and ready to create new memories, make a fresh start and start a new season.


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