Lean on me

Lean on me by Bill withers was one of the top 10 songs in July 1972. And it’s stood the test of times…millions of songs have come before and after it but it’s still a song that gets sung and covered often. It is clearly the theme song of our family as my parents Judy and Johnny celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary today. I can always lean on them. I don’t know anyone else who has been married this long! Through hell and high water, sunshine and silver linings. Their lives never offered them a plethora of choices like we have now – they lived in a time of apartheid, ultra conservative communities, everything was black and white…the lines between right and wrong clearly drawn. It was rough. No time for excuses or dreams. My mom has the biggest, softest heart with a take no shit and speak your mind attitude (guess who I take after). My dad is the dreamer, philosopher, thinker and joker (sound familiar?). Complete opposites but they’ve created a life of stability for us kids and 5 grandsons on a shoestring. I am so grateful to God for my parents. Sometimes I think they are both completely insane…when i struggle to find someone i want to spend a weekend with! 😁 But what a lesson in resilience, tenacity and making the best of every day. I only have gratitude. Love you mommy and daddy (told them both before writing this post).


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