What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”….ain’t that the truth. Isn’t amazing how you discover what you are truly capable of when your back is literally to the wall and you have no choice. When you just have to friggen “do it”. This applies to almost every aspect of life – relationships, work, health, spirituality.

We only grow and discover ourselves through utter adversity. We live in a world where a plethora of options are constantly presented to us – don’t like this, here try that…of course who doesn’t want an easy life? But here I am thinking this morning – what type of person I would be had I not gone through so many difficult challenges? Would I be able to do the stuff I do today or would I have given up ages ago? Would I be able to get up every day and just “do it”. Would I still dream of things I want to achieve or would I be curled up in a little ball on my bed? I’ve been dumped, broke, jobless, disappointed by so many people and have asked so many times “where is God?”…and dammit I still show up.

A challenge for me might not be a challenge for you…but it is a challenge no less. The stuff that makes your life hard and unbearable may be easy peasy for me…but it’s still hard for you. Have some empathy and compassion for someone else’s struggle. You have to endure the rough stuff…because its temporary…like everything else in life. Nothing is forever — that was a hard lesson but a good lesson to learn. Shit works out in the end, you just have to friggen believe it and have faith and fake it til you make it.

So many cliche’s in one sentence but if you know what i’m talking about you know these are not just cliches. There are times when life gets really hard, like really, really hard…like on a rainy Monday morning…but you know what, this too shall pass. So when your back’s to the wall and you have no other choice, dig deep.

And don’t be a bitch when shit is going down in your life — we all have shit going on. Smile and wave.



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