Random acts of kindness

As much as we are surrounded by negativity, bad news and stress we are also surrounded by so much love and kindness…
It started raining steadily this morning as I sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the M5. In the right lane was a garden services bakkie with 3 guys (including the driver) sitting in the front and 3 guys sitting on the uncovered back. The guys on the back had on blue overalls and only 2 were wearing beanies so they were getting sopnat!
The car in front of me swerve to the right and pulled up close to the bakkie. I was trying to understand what was going on when I see a hand coming out of the window and something being handed to the guys on the back. The guys opened up plastic parkas which they promptly put on.
It was such a good deed and a wonderful gesture to witness on a glum morning. The kind of thing that renews your faith in humanity when all humanity does is piss you off.
I’m not going to judge the driver…cos maybe he’s just that…the driver. I’m not going to say anything now about the garden services making guys sit on the back of an open bakkie in the rain cos that is just going to piss me off again and send me off to another tangent and ruin the moment.

What I saw this morning is the kind of thing that goes “viral” these days…but since I don’t drive with my cellphone in the front of the car with me i wasn’t camera ready.

It reminded me that we are all here for a purpose and that purpose is not to sow despair and hatred and to stand in judgement pointing fingers, but our purpose is to make life a little better for those who happen to pass our way, in any way we can. It reminded me that when I’m wondering where God is when all I see is cruelty, devastation and injustice….that God is inside me and God is in every gesture and action that makes life better for others.



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