Happy mother’s day 

I wish more governments would put mothers in charge.  Mothers who make miracles with the little they have, who know how to juggle many hats – breadwinner, chef, driver, peacemaker, someone who can be the perfect host to guests from overseas but will tell you and your friends get a’ stepping when you’ve overstayed your welcome. But it’s probably best that mothers are not running the country cos they really do put up with a lot of shit…they get shit in buckets from all angles — long hours at work, asshole partners, kids from hell, shops that friggen close at 5pm and food prices that won’t stop rising. Damn the struggle is real. But today, On mothers day – a day we celebrate and laud this person who borned us – mothers are just perfect.

But u know how I like to keep it real right…some mothers suck. They suck the life out of every bit of joy you might have had, they just suck at raising their kids – actually should never have had kids and they just don’t hack all this mothering stuff …truth be told. That’s just life…we don’t all have supermoms. Lucky for us God gave us grandmothers, aunts, neighbours, even strangers to stand in the gap for mothers who can’t hack it. These women are the real supermoms. They love, nurture and provide for children they never yearned for, Children they did not birth. Children of strangers and sometimes of family. A responsibility that is not a choice but a calling to be a mother to those who need the love, support, comfort that only a mother can give. 

Thank you God for giving us mothers – who come in all shapes and sizes, those who birthed us, who raised us, who support us, cares for us and keep us going…they may not all be the ssme person and for that itself we are blessed.

Have a happy and blessed mothers day to my mommy who is still always there for me – who still cares for me like I’m a little girl even in my 40s, my granny in heaven who raised me whom I miss every single day, my aunty who messages me every day to ask me how I am and what I’m doing, my mothers at work who care so much about my well-being and always have something for me to eat when I have no time to eat, the friends in my circle – too many to name individually, who are all phenomenal women and moms who inspire me and make me tired just hearing their stories of juggling everything and an extra special mothers day wish to my sister  and my sister by law

 – 5 amazing boys between you…i admire you for how and what you do and thank you for giving me the chance to also be a mom to your boys.

Have a super special day Moms. You deserve a week in Mauritius being pampered and cooked for every day…we all know you do. Don’t ever forget that you are awesome, you make a difference every single day, you are loved.

Namaste 🌷


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