Comer, Beber, Amor

Omg so Friday night I had multiple foodgasms at a place called Le Pepita in Barcelona. My friend from Switzerland, her boyfriend from Amsterdam and me from South Africa in Barcelona for the very first time. We arrived at the restaurant at about 7.30pm and there was a Q outside on the pavement…we were warned by the person who recommended the place that this is quite normal. So we put our names on the list and walked off to have a drink somewhere else….and with a bar/restaurant/cafe on every corner we didn’t have to go very far. The streets were busy but a more relaxed, family vibe…not your crazy Long street (in Cape Town) at night vibe. And it was happy hour —Cocktails! 😁 we got back Le Pepita at 9.15…and had to Q another 15 minutes….we’re such tourists. Eventually our table was ready and we squeezed thru the crowded bar to the restaurant at the back to our tiny table…it felt like sitting in economy class! 😁staff are so friendly and within 15 mins we placed our order for a variety of tapas and were eating! All the walls of Le Pepita covered in graffiti (drawn by the patrons over the years) and pencil sketches of Marilyn Monroe.! Foodgasms galore. Each portion was better than the next…magical food combinations that explode with flavour in your mouth. Simple dishes…not masterchef creations but oh so delicious…we started off ordering 5 dishes then added two more. Dishes between €4 and €8 each. 2 bottles of wine later and it was midnight! The restaurant was not so packed, no more queue on the pavement and we were thoroughly tipsy and enjoying the after glow of our multiple foodgasm experience. 😍😍 maagies vol, ogies toe. Comer, Beber, Amor!


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