“Free your mind, and the rest will follow”


I’ve never been afraid of change. I’ve always been gungho, yeah what’s next, jumpingin feet first. It’s not always a good thing since in order to dive into change one tends to be more emotional than sensible and it requires one to be brave and thick-skinned. It requires a deep inhale and always the butterflies in the tummy. I guess the reason why I’m good at change is because the only people whose opinions matter to me are those of my parents and they have my back 99.9 % and I don’t give a toss bout the rest. However I am human and I do hate making a fool of myself or making a mistake but since I’ve done this so many times in my life I’ve kinda gotten used to that feeling and that is no longer a deterrent. And how sad is it that when one is most resilient and also practically in the best situation to make drastic changes – when one is “young” (early 20s) that’s when change is the most scary? So i think I’ve made all the life and style changes I can handle – no more counting cattle or moving to the middle east for me….nope, imma just keep it real simple and just cut off almost all my hair. Now ladies ya’ll know it’s more than just “hair” – it’s status, our mane, our crown. And if ur a brown girl then let me not even start with the hair guilt. ehrbuddy knows that when a woman cuts her hair she’s about to change her life yo! Certainly 14 years ago when I shaved my head no 2, got a tattoo and a belly ring and turned 30 that was indeed the case. But now, err not so much hey. Now, Im over 40, Been there done that and it’s all about keeping it real simple. I just get bored and my look was boring. I wasn’t seeing me when I looked in the mirror and it screamed for a change! And yes there is more work to be done as soon as a few sessions of liposuction become as easy and cheap as a hairdressers appointment (hahaaha), but I must admit, I’m absolutely loving my new look. I feel light, relieved, activated! And the jaw-dropping reactions I saw these past few days were absolutely priceless! So what positive life or style change are you waiting to make? What’s stopping you? 😆 it’s really not that hard to do


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