I’ve got your back

TGIF! Just a few more hours and I am free from the office!

This has been a really hard work week. Yesterday it was a full day review session – 7 meetings back-to-back – one person connecting from Rio (6 hours behind) at 12pm another connecting from Bucharest (1 hour ahead) at 4pm! 7 meetings, different attendees, telecon numbers to remember, VC’s to be set up, minutes to be printed, presentations to be prepared and set up, and of course the refreshments to be set out (fortunately I have a fantastic beverage executive who knows just who likes what how). It is never a dull moment being a PA – such a “generic” title, but one seriously has to be incredibly flexible, multi-talented, emotionally strong and just know your shit.

Phew, but this week I was reminded how important it is to have someone to count on to be there for me, not only when the going gets tough both at work and in private.

In the office the person who has my back is Lynette. She is the office administrator and the two of us basically run the CEO’s office of this very busy Media empire in the belly of the Cape Town city bowl. She takes my calls when I can’t, she knows the names of people I can’t remember,  when traffic is a nightmare she’s always in early and she’s just there for all of us in the office all the time.

Then, on Sunday night Lynette slips in the bath and sprains her ankle! Which means i’m on my own trying to divide 4 meeting rooms by 35 people all needing a quiet space to meet (so much for open-plan offices), one person asking for AAA batteries, another for an aircon remote, several for urgent payments and me having to sign for way too many deliveries! Oh and make sure that everything runs smoothly in the CEO and the CFO’s day, today while planning schedules for the next few months ahead. Needless to say i’ve had a headache every morning this week by 10am. Without fail. Last night I went to bed at 8pm and slept restlessly until 6.30am this morning having too many thoughts of things going wrong and nothing being ready. And that’s only my 8 to 5pm life!

It’s easy to forget about “reality” when you are deeply engrossed in work. Easy to push to the back of mind those real life stuff that you really should deal with but swipe away with a swift “no time now”. Like the dishes that hasn’t been done (for days), or the car that hasnt been washed (in months), or those damn bills that just keep coming and coming and coming that you haven’t got to paying yet! But when the shit eventually hits the fan and you are lying awake in the middle of the night staring into the darkess wondering how the fuck being grown up got to be so damn hard…that’s when its real important to know who will have back. Even if they can’t help you, just to know that there is someone that you can tell your fuck up to, even if your panicked whattsapp is like 6 swipes long, she / he wont judge you or lecture you but will simply say “You are going to be ok. Just breathe. I got your back girl”.

And before we know it, it’s Friday! Hooray for Friday! Tick tock to wine o’clock! But first let’s get through Friday and rush off to work. While waiting for the lift in my building I quickly check my phone and its a text from my Daddy that says “count your blessings one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done.” And I smiled and I wondered how he knew? That especially today, after this rough week and sleepless night, I have to count my blessings….so grateful for those who have my back.


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