Walked into the office this morning and there were 3 film crews waiting their turn to film various things in the office. I sometimes say to my boss “Today feels like the Devil wears Prada” and we laugh about it cos it sometimes really does feel like the movie (without the evil boss tho). Especially when I had to run down to the spree.co.za studio the other morning at 7.30am to find a pair of pantihose, cos you cant go into a Board meeting with a moerse hole in your stockings! next thing I had 3 pairs of pantihose on my desk (we know how to get shit done in this place!)
So this morning we unintentionally kept one of the crews waiting, and the boss lady is stressing because she is keeping them waiting and then I have to remind her “You are the CEO, they must just wait” and then she exhales and feels a lot better and they wait. And while there are interviews and lighting checks and sound checks happening all around us, Candice from Corporate comms comes to my desk with that “please do me a favour” look on her face…and I peer over my glasses dreading the question – “we need one more person to interview on camera”…pleeeease. But my hair is woes today and I have a huge zit on my face! No problem – they’re ready for you in make up – somma in the kitchen where everyone is eating their peanut butter sandwiches, and not even looking up, cos its just another Tuesday in our office.
So I do the interview with the producer from Amsterdam, “reporting live” with beautiful Lions Head showing off in the background, and they ask me questions like “what makes you stay here” and its easy for me to say “this stuff right here” and “free magazines”!
And when i’m done I walk back to my desk and start working again, just like its Tuesday and over my shoulder the camera man says “That was great, now just do exactly that one more time and wait for me to say “Action”! lol ‪#‎Tuesday‬


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