Hi Ho, Hi Ho…

Long weekends just upset me. Or rather…the End of long weekends. And holidays too. They upset my rhythm completely – on “work” days i’m up at 5am and asleep by 10pm, on long weekends I sleep til 11 and go to bed at 1am! The feeling I have at my desk after a long weekend is something like jet lag…where you appear to be “present” but on the inside you’re actually asleep. And everyone is so damn ‘perky’ after a long weekend- “Hi! How was ur weekend, mine was sooooh awesome I feel soooooh rested, you look rested too…bouncy, bouncy, bouncy”! Me in my head “what drug she be takin?”
Anyone ever coined “long weekend lag”? I’ll take it. ‪#‎LWL‬. And the older I get the harder this LWL becomes…its already Thursday and I still can’t shake it (holiday was on Monday *yaaawn*). LWL just makes me realise how much more fun i’d be having if I didnt have to sit in an office from 8.30 – 5.30pm every damn Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! F*k that’s a lot of days. (still wondering who TF decided that was “normal” to work for 5 whole days and have 2 days off! Who?? Dammit!)
Oh why, oh why do I have to eat! Or buy more clothes! And love having my nails done and have another pair of shoes?! Why?!

No one ever sang “Hi HO,Hi HO, It’s off to work I go” – except the 7 little people on their way to brush Snow White’s hair.
So let me give it a try tho “Hi Ho, Hi… *hop, skip, trip, lie on the floor face-down for 10 minutes*

…..ouch…lying here…on the floor…amongst the clothes and shoes I didnt have time to pack away for 4 days because i was too damn tired…it hits me… Snow White is Becky with the good hair!


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