Mini break musings: Poverty

Rhodes has fallen. I’m glad he’s gone…even if it’s delayed….anyone who played a part in oppressing my mothers should have no place of pride. Having said that…I wish that the militant students, EFF, whoever is so passionate about removing statues in South Africa at this time, would also show the same passion for alleviating the poverty of our people in the rural areas. Onse mense van buite kry fokken swaar en dis ook 20 jaar later. In plain sight The divide on the landscapes in the countryside, as visible as a thick Koki line drawn on a white sheet of paper is the dividing land, streets separating the haves and the have nots, the opulent white privilege vs abject non-white poverty, luxury holiday homes…2nd or 3rd homes for the privileged few vs barely standing shacks and cottages of those who have actually live there for generations. I say remove the statues, but let’s start the movement towards real change in SA where It makes a difference to those who are still most severely affected. SOuth Africans had an extra long honeymoon period of rah rah, happy clappy, we are the world, rainbow nation, rose coloured, not right but it’s ok, thank you Madiba. And like any marriage the shit usually hits the fan when there are issues of money. On my recent visit to a town called Elim where my Father’s father was from it was fascinating to discover a little town stuck in a time warp…not much has changed structurally since 1928 when the first German missionaries set foot there, although now there is a new clinic, school, and a few paved roads. Economically though….it’s sad….our people so accustomed to having next to fuckall that it’s their normal. Do they care about Cecil John Rhodes’ statue in Cape? I think not. Yet that’s where the shit started many would say. With those colonialists who came here to bring their brand of civilization to darkest Africa, which meant a) enslave the locals b) take their land so that’s hundreds of years later we, the oppressed can thank them for delivering them from the bush. But as always …nothing is hidden in history, the truth is the in plain sight. And so too the truth of our democracy will reveal itself over time…new statues will be erected…the little kids with the snot noses playing in the gravel streets of small towns across SA will still be going to bed hungry. Unless We do something.


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