8 March

It was international women’s day a few days ago and I kinda missed that cos I think we’ve gone beyond the age where we need a special day to be recognised as women. However I do want to spare a thought and recognise this day by saying that I am a fortunate woman in Africa, and even more so in South Africa – my fortune built on the blood, sweat and tears of my mothers through the ages. Today I work in an office where there are 90% educated, professional, career women…many of us can’t say the same of our own Moms whose fortunes were a far cry from what we experience today. My life is full of possibilities…because of the women who came before me who made those possibilities a reality for me.  So I’m thinking today that as women it is our duty to clear the way for those women who come after us…so they can hold their heads high too and say “I got this!” Cos where would we be if it was not for those who went before us?


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