We all know that life is short. We use the term in such a blasé manner – almost like saying “it’s hot today”. Sometimes the reality of death is so in my face it makes me shudder. With all our scheduling, planning, goal-setting, visualizing, we cannot escape the inevitability that we are all going to die, ashes to ashes, dust to dust – yes so macabre but yet so real! Last year, in one week, I lost three colleagues – one a 44 year old man who dropped dead on a Saturday afternoon from a heart attack, a dear women, with the kindest soul, who was diagnosed with cancer barely two months earlier, and one early Sunday morning a colleague, whom I never met, took his own life. All terribly sad, and hard to comprehend the “why”, but here’s the most profound message out of all of this – we only have TODAY. I’ve made peace with the fact that dying is as sure as the sun rising. And all this “stuff” that we’re getting ulcers over, losing sleep about — it’s all just stuff in the bigger scheme of things. One day at a time is the best I we do. And I wish people would stop being unhappy when they have so many reasons to be happy, I wish they would stop arguing over small minded crap and love a lot more, I wish people would practice being grateful instead of nit-picking over trivial nonsense. Eish, life is short but I ‘m still going to try my darndest to still be dancing, laughing, living my life when I’m 101! If the Gods and the universe so wills.


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