Daddy’s girl

Home after a long day and bad traffic. I get out to unlock the garage, turn to get back into my car……and the door is locked, keys in the ignition, engine running and all doors automatically locked! Handbag and phone safely in the boot of the car. Run up to my neighbour to use her phone, she says she has less than R1 airtime but hands over the tiny Nokia so I can call my Dad. She has to dial tho cos my nails and the keys on that poor Nokia…..My 10 year old nephew answers the phone and I say ‘Tell daddy to come quick with my spare car keys, it’s an emergency!” And he asks sl..o..w..l..y “who’s speaking?”, I impatiently reply “it’s me, Estelle!” Little Kallan asks calmly “where must Pa come to?” and I say “my house” as the phone runs out of airtime and ends the call abruptly! I walk back to my car and wonder if the message got thru from nephew to Dad? While I’m waiting, another neighbour walks by, I tell him my dilemma and he gives me a gentle hug and says “oh shame my dear, not what you need right now – but good thing the petrol price has gone down” as my car idles away. And at that moment SuperDaddy arrives! He must have driven like hell in his 1992 Toyota Carolla cos it felt like only 10 mins and all was resolved!

There are so many days when I feel all alone and down because I am noone’s “person”, but in this moment, I know, that I’ll always be my Dad’s special person, he is ALWAYS there for me. He loved me first. Thank you Daddy.


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