Eek! What to wear?!

OMF! One of those mornings where everything in my cupboard ends up on the floor!!!!! Finally figure out what to wear then the damn underwear is all wrong so have to start over. Thanks to the medication I will not curl up into a ball on the floor and ball my eyes out…no, I’m a big girl. I am now dressed, my hair is fucked, but the outfit is sorted. Look down at my skirt and looks like the cat sat on it – its covered in white hairs…thing is…I don’t have a cat! Final mirror check, OMG! Why is everything in my cupboard extra long when crop tops are in?! Am I just friggen old? Need a closet makeover. Jirre, so kan dit nie aangaan nie. Liewe hemel I am now thirsty and tired…hope this day gets better.

Ps. must remember when I get home that I have not been burgled – just have to pack all the shit back into the cupboard! Lol


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