Cape Flats Hots stone massage

Standing at the coffee station in our office a few colleagues and I were reading a pamphlet advertising: “drastically reduced Hot Stone Massage- only R150!”

While we are oohing and aaahing about what a real bargain this is the tea lady ‘Aunty Tilly’ walks by and says in a low, whispering voice, “hot stone massage?! is die nou regtag of het hulle ‘n spel fout gemaak?

“Ja, Tilly, is waa'” we all chorus in, “is ‘n massage, maa’ hulle sit warme klippe op jou lyf agerterna” explains a colleague sounding oh so “been there, done that”.

Confused, Tilly asks again, “Hot stones?! Is it nou ‘n massage op jou lyf met klippe? Huh? Is julle versieker? Warme klippe? Op jou kaal lyf?! Nou vir wat wil ‘n mens nou klippe op jou lyf sit?! Dan vra hulle nogal ONE-FIFTY vir klippe!!”

“Daa’s baie klippe daa’ by os’ innie Delft, hoekoe ko’ julle nie na my toe nie dan sit ek klippe op julle dan betaal julle vi’ my!” she offers animatedly.

As she walks away, she shakes her head saying, “Die wit mense dink oek aan alles! En julle bruin mense val oek vi’ alles!

Waa’t julle gesien ‘n kullid se vi’ ‘n whitey “kom ek gat jou lekker massage met warme klippe”.

Dink julle hulle gat val vi’ daai joke?

Nee, ek dink oekie so nie!” And we all laugh out loud! Never a truer word spoken in jest.



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