Life in reverse

Sometimes I wonder why we acquire all of what we need to know about ourselves and life in general we come close to the end of our lives, when we are old, grey and tired. Would it not make more sense if we lived our lives in reverse, like those television ads that play in reverse and the water flows back into the tap, or the person walks backwards through a door. How simple life would be if we could enter this world already old, wrinkled and tired and all we had to worry about was getting more energy, younger skin and stronger bones. How fascinating relationships would be because we would already know who our life partners are and only have those friends around who last the distance. The only downside would be that the younger and fitter we become the less money we would earn and have to spend, so I guess we would start off having the house next to the lake with the swing bench on the porch and end up on a single bed in our parents room, or maybe a crib with a mobile of butterflies and fairies. We’d give up our fancy cars for the luxury of our strong legs and walk everywhere or even better – get on our skateboards and whizz down the street. Imagine I knew everything I knew now about love and relationship…I’d probably still be single! ☺ Wouldn’t  it be nice tho’ to start off life being already retired and then look forward to a fantastic career and then ending off with the carefree life of a toddler – eating, sleeping, playing. Wouldn’t that wonderful? And imagine your last few days on earth, instead of being old, abandoned and alone being adored like a brand new baby entering this world – the centre of everyone’s attention!


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