67 minutes

A lot of good was done today, so many acts of kindness…it almost restores my faith in humanity. So many people in need benefited from the benevolence shown today across our country. It Shows the power of collective effort and the endless possibilities within our society. I believe it’s important to show the world what can be done to make the world a better place, although some people may say this is boasting. We boast about all kinds of other crap, why not show off our good deeds and raise awareness for organizations and people in need? With so much going wrong in the world right now, bad news, tragedies on every single page…why not spread the stories of kindness and hope? I felt good making my contribution today and proud that it is in the memory of Madiba. Again the nay Sayers will say “he is not God”, but if a mere mortal can inspire such positive collective energy, I say, why not? We need to constantly search for that little ray of sunshine, that sparkle of hope in this dreary world. If we can’t do that them all hope is gone. I’m inspired by the things I’ve seen today, the sun came out for many, even just for today.


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