Home is where your bed is…

Second night back in my own home after house sitting for 2 weeks and i’ve come to the realisation that 1) I love animals and children but don’t necessarily want either waking me up in the middle of the night or staring at me while i’m peeing 2) I’m a one-storey kinda girl – give me a sprawling one-storey abode, maybe a few stairs here and there but multi-storeys just don’t do it for me – flippen hell stairs are great for the ass but damn… 3) I have next to fuckall but I do have class and damn good cutlery 4) I cannot live without my juicer and blender (and no household should ever be without either)…oh and an electric blanket. Don’t know how people cope without these? Smoothie for breakfast and homemade juice in the fridge and a warm butt at night. I’m simple like that. 5) Like my friend Mrs Jones, I like making lists, I look around and I see lists – mostly shopping lists…I could walk into a random house right now and start making lists of whats most needed and needs to be upgraded – my brain is permanently in “organise” mode. Like this list. 6) I love walking the dogs in the shadow of Table Mountain. 7) My bliss is coming home to my little flat and magnificent view of the mountain 8) I have a friggen awesome bed! #justsayin 9) Big ass fluffy bath towels are a must!! Bought a towel made of 100% bamboo…yah. Super soft and luxurious. Yes I have arrived. 🙂 10) I have way, way, way too many shoes…makes travelling difficult. Need to get a handle on that. 🙂



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