Workers day, 1 May.

It a beautiful morning! The view from my couch never fails to deliver – how magnificent is this? Funny that we celebrate Workers day in the one month in South Africa where we work the least – long weekends galore celebrating Good Friday, Family Day, Freedom day and now Workers Day. I am not complaining! lord knows I need every break I can get! We work hard, hard, hard (insert black African accent here)! I have my feet up, watching the launch of #cliffcentral on Dstv 122, only to find that watching a “radio” show on TV is the most mind numbingly boring experience ever. There’s a reason why we listen to the radio while we drive, cook, work, it’s innately boring and doesn’t quite captivate all the senses. Boring! Good thing I have my mountain view, the fresh, cool breeze coming in the sliding door and my iPad! @garethcliffs monotonous drone in the background providing the meditational soundtrack to this morning’s blog.
Eish and I know there are many workers slogging away today keeping our economy from coming to a complete halt during all these public holidays. But we do what we must hey, thank God for employment! As a 17, 18 year old student I looked forward to working on Public holidays and weekends – double pay! Wonder if it still works like that? I’ve been working since the age of 16, always fiercely independent and just did not have the luxury of handouts from my parents, I wanted to work. Yoh, so I’m putting my feet up today, guilt-free, cos every day I’m shuffeling.
Viva the Wherekers Viva!


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