I want to need it

Its been 7 days without my car. 7 days without the luxury of an automatic gearbox, and boy do I feel it in the mornings sitting on Wynberg hill in peak hour traffic, concentrating hard on the stick-shift (manual gearbox) trying my best to balance handbrake, clutch and accelerator and not roll back into the mini cooper sitting right on my ass. I’ve upgraded my deodorant to the one that says “extra stress” (yes they sell those now). 7 days without bluetooth, but all this means is I simply leave my mobile phone in the boot (trunk) of the car. I’m sure that Michelle Obama will not be desperately trying to reach me during my 40 minute commute to work, if she is tho there’s always voicemail right? 🙂 imagine getting a voicemail from the US first lady. LOL. I’ll probably ignore it and think its a crank call.

Anyways, back to 7 days without my car. Yip, I’m really missing my car, especially the extendable sun-visors, and especially now that I need to use the key to lock / unlock the door and boot – I know, how archaic! I think I forgot to lock the car for the first few days…eek! And forgot to turn the lights off. But now i’m officially obsessive compulsive about the locking and switching off the lights… people must seriously think I have OCD when they see me checking and rechecking the locks and door handles LMAO.

But I must add the biggest plus with the rental I have on loan until my car is repaired is that I’ve been driving on a full tank of petrol (gas) for 7 days and today it has only hit the halfway mark on the tank. What bliss with our current petrol prices! I have been praying tho that there is not something wrong with the petrol meter! lol! If this was my own car I would most definitely have filled up by now! AND the zippy vehicle moves quite smoothly (apart from the times when I forget about the clutch and it stalls) and it gets me from A-B so now i’m thinking, do I really need a big car? In fact, to take it a step further, do I really need half the stuff I have accumulated that is now overflowing in my garage? Is all this “stuff”, stuff I need or as Eugene in the Nedbank advert says “I want to need it” due to extended exposure to capitalists and their well-researched marketing strategies. Am I just an easy target?

I’ve never been a hoarder, something I learned at a very young age from my grandmother who was meticulously neat and only kept the essentials around – not sure if this was due to economics or personality – but certainly for me now its personality mostly and then economics. I will never be able to hoard things and think I could quite comfortably live like a typical zen minimalist – except of course for my collection of shoes, handbags, hats, bathing costumes, watches, accessories….lol

Who am I trying to kid? I miss my car! But it has seriously made me think about all the “stuff”, what I need and what I want to need. I’m going to try living lighter, think carefully before acquiring more “stuff” but dammit I want to need my automatic gearbox back!



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