Wellness schmellness :(

So I had my wellness assessment yesterday, and despite my eagerness to have my health assessed it completed busted my “I feel fantastic” bubble! Why is it that wellness assessments always make one feel unwell?! I haven’t felt this good physically in about 5 years – I’ve lost about 6kgs & 9 cm already, and then my friggen wellness assessment informs me that by their calculations i’m actually 6 years older than I actually am wtf?! I am already over 40, I know i’m no longer a spring chicken and I know i’m never going to weigh 49kgs, ever, not in this lifetime! Maybe if i die and am reincarnated as a butterfly or some kind of fat bug. Ok,  I know I should quit smoking and am a little stressed out right now, but jees, now they’re telling me i’m old too. I actually think i live a healthier lifestyle than some people who don’t smoke – smoking isn’t the only thing that can kill you, you know.

Guess now at least I know what to look forward to in 6 years time – cos I feel damn good now. Then I get told that i’m actually 15 kilos overweight! HolyS**! I’m an african woman not bloody Norwegian! I have boobs, a butt, and a little jelly belly, if I lose 15 kilos i’m going to be nothing but bones and hanging skin – and that’s not my idea of sexy. I eat healthy, I walk / run regularly, I sleep well, so wtf? Now I know why some people just point blank refuse to do these kinds of assessments. I’d really like to see the benchmark person that we all are measured by – she obviously does not have my genes, or my jeans!

Oh well, this damn early winter weather is not helping either, I just want to crawl into my bed and hibernate and eat rich soups and stews and lie in bed and read. That’s what winter is all about right?

Then I thought about the motives behind the wellness assessment  – if “they” tell me i’m doing superbly well in my eating and exercise, then I guess I will not be spending money on all their other offerings such as gyms, gym equipment, eating programs, etc. Need to find “some” reason to make me feel better and this has go to be it!!

Bloody capitalists!



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