Shit happens

A few friends and I were sitting around on the weekend, having deep and serious conversations about life when suddenly we hear a loud thud coming from the transparent roof. Everyone looked up at the same time and saw an enormous splat of bird poo glaring back at us. Hilarious! We all howled with laughter saying that someone up there is sending us a response to our serious conversations saying “shit happens”!



But when you not in the shit it’s easy to laugh out loud but when Shit does happen its not often so funny!

Last night as I was driving into my apartment, turning in from very busy road, I opened the gate and started driving in. Bizarrely, the woman coming out, was so impatient and shoved past me – not even considering that the gate does not allow two vehicles to pass through at the same time. I swerved to avoid her and ended up badly gouging the back side door, panel and ripping off the bumper of my car on protruding metal on the gate. And the b*tch just drove off  *ombeskof! If I see her again…



For a second I thought of Deepak-Oprah and karma and aligning my chakras, then I thought f**k that and started crying, balling my eyes out right there at the gate. It was late and cold, I had a long day, it was a Monday, i had only slept about 5 hours in total on the weekend and I was just not emotionally prepared for any shit to happen to me today. Why me?! So i carefully move my car and take the lift up to my apartment, balling all the time. I light a cigarette and think that really i should behave like a grown up – f**ckit i’m 40 and pull myself together, then ball my eyes out a little more. But right in that moment I felt fragile, tired and alone, very alone. F*ckit I snapped out of that pity party real quick, cos the reality is I really wasn’t fragile and alone – just f**cking tired and pissed off. I went to my neighbours, a friendly, retired couple. He offered me a stiff whiskey, she offered me tea and a biscuit – I opted for the tea and biscuit (I know! WTF?!). Then they listened to my sad sob story and took me to the cop shop to report the case – complete strangers, behaving like friends. And I just had a knock on the door now and it was neighbour, asking me if I am ok.

By midday today the insurance had sent a tow-truck to fetch my car, a rental car was delivered, even my laptop was delivered from the office – so everything was sorted. Thankfully the only thing that was damaged was my composure and my wallet and even there a friend came to my rescue. Why me?!


I guess the lesson is that shit does happen and we need to take the good with the bad and move on, not get caught up in the one shit moment that then becomes the recipe for the rest of our lives. My car is now being repaired, shit happens. It could have been worse. I am not alone. I have phenomenal friends, family and neighbours we care about me, but I need to ask. I could have sat in my flat alone all night crying and feeling sorry for my sorry self, but I had to make the first move to ask for help.

Shit happens, get over it. You can Deepak-Oprah all you want after its done. lol




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