Wise investments

I’ve attended nearly every #CapeTownInternationalJazz festival for the past 15 years. I love the music, the energy, the atmosphere of pure pleasure. And yeah over the years it’s changed somewhat, and not been so much about jazz music, but still about phenomenal music and great artists so I won’t gripe much about that. I especially enjoy the people watching and the first night in particular is always interesting. It’s easy to spot the Jazz festival novices – they are usually the ones dressed in suits and ties, or ball gowns and lots of bling with uncomfortably high and pointy shoes, which only last for the first hour of the first act and then they end up carrying them around and walking on bare feet all night. hehehe amateurs! This year in particular one buxom woman in a satin, beige jump suit, an exposed black zipper, at the Back (not the front), starting at the middle of the butt cheeks ending at the shoulder blades. She had an ass like an upside down hot air balloon, a gorgeous weave ala Diana Ross, and a pair of killer sky high black stiletto sandals (novice). Lol. Now if you’ve ever attended the Cape Town International jazz festival you will know that you never, ever wear stilettos – only the flattest flat, sneakers will do, else you could do permanent damage to your feet and need a podiatrist after the first night of standing for hours on end. I was very tempted to pull up the zipper, just a little bit, just to see her take off into the #african night sky like a Chinese lantern! HAHAHA! Now that’s worth paying for! People watching at the Cape Town international jazz festival! So my advice from a festival connoisseur: before you invest in some serious designer duds and buy shares at Aldo – rather invest in a full length mirror, honest friends and a pair of Converse All stars!


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