Laughter is the best medicine!

Today I laughed so hard for about 10 minutes I nearly, literally wet my pants. Do you have that one friend who completely gets you and you laugh at things that no one in the whole world would find funny? And then you try to explain to people why ur laughing so hard and they look at you like ur a complete moron. The funniest is when you get that hysterical laughter when ur on the phone with said friend, in an open plan office, and it feels like when you got the giggles as a child in church, you know ur gonna be in trouble but there’s just no stopping it. My BFF tries not to make any sound when she’s laughing in the office on the phone so all I hear is rapid, heavy breathing and sometimes long silences and I have to ask her if she’s passed out. Want soos ‘n poep is dit ongesond om jou lag in te hou. I was lying face down on my desk on the phone laughing silently, already thinking that if anyone came to my desk in that moment they would think I’m crying and just leave me alone. Dis nou lekker lag! And the best part is I laughed like that a few times this week! I don’t know if it’s the medication I’m on or that I just have the vrek funniest friends. Either way, it works for me. Lmao


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